California Grazed

Local grass fed meats.

Beef. Lamb. Chicken.

Lamb Chops
CA Grazed Lamb
Enjoy the savory flavors of ethically raised lamb on native California grasslands.
CA Grazed Beef

Consciouslly raised free range beef offering quality, rich and robust flavor.

CHicken Breasts
CA Grazed Chicken

Ethically sourced free range chickens available from pasture to plate at an affordable price. 

Free Range Chickens

Sustainable Farming

Welcome to California Grazed, where our passion for sustainable living meets your desire for high-quality, ethically sourced grass-fed beef. At the heart of our mission is a commitment to environmental stewardship, humane treatment of animals, and fostering social responsibility. We believe in providing a connection between conscientious consumers and the land, ensuring that every purchase reflects a dedication to a healthier planet, happier animals, and thriving communities. Join us on a journey where responsible choices meet exceptional taste, and experience the difference that conscious consumption can make. Welcome to a world where sustainability meets satisfaction – welcome to California Grazed.

Free Range Chickens

Making Quality Meat Accessible To All

CA Grazed Lamb

Enjoy a leaner, more robust flavor of meat averaging 14% less fat and 8% more protein.

CA Grazed Beef

Get a range of high quality cuts from ground beef to filet mignon at an amazing value.

CA Grazed Chicken

Humanely raised with no artifical flavors or steroids, our free range chickens are sure to please. 

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"I cannot say enough good things about the quality and taste of California Grazed beef! It was the BEST move I ever made for my family. We are enjoying a healthieer lifestyle thanks to California Grazed."

A Farrow

"We are thrilled to know that we are doing our part to encourage a sustainable lifestyle From careful selection of purchasing beef and poultry from California Grazed ethical agriculture practices - to consumption of the whole coattle, we have happily embraced this healthier lifestyle".

L Moran

"The aboslute best! The customer service is outstanding. They make it very easy to for pickup at your bucther of choice or delivery to your home."

F Charlton


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